Saturday, April 9, 2011

Be A Better Goodfriend ^^

Salam Seindah Ukhwah to all my blog visitors. I hope , today is a nice day to all. Allah brings us to look my sharing today ^^ about what ? about friend. .

Okay , like they say, sharing is love. I think this proves what has been alleged. true if the partnership once it is made it will create a sense of love and affection to each other. Like me and you all. So, I love you guys. I share something for you. Accept my love!

What my share today ?

I would like to share about "How to Become a Better Friend" . Looks like simple title right ? But i swear , it hard to do. Love friends is not all in a good step and condition there are. Try search any ways to be "very good" friend ^^
  1. Stop acting selfishly. Try to put yourself in your friend's shoes for a change.
  2. Start conservations by asking after your friend and listen to what he or she has to say.
  3. Offer him or her plenty of advice and encouragement in what he or she is doing.
  4. Dont dump plans with a friend when a 'better' opportunity comes up.
  5. Call him or her to see how he or she is. Make the first move.
  6. Do your friend a favour or offer to help with a project.
  7. Be thoughtful, suggest things you can do together and never forget his or her birthday.
Above all , nurture your friendship as you would a romance. huhu ^^ Like what I said earlier, it seems easy but hard to implement. However, there is no harm if we try to do a variety of ways just to captivate our friends that we are always accompanied by our friends is. As long as no laws prohibited conduct, is sufficient.

, I hope your relationship with your friend is always the pleasure of Allah. And do not forget our relationship, my friends. :)

Ma'assalamah Wa Ilalliqa' ,
Salam Alaykumullah ~

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